18th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management

Uploading a Pre-Recorded Presentation

Congratulations on your paper being accepted for presentation at ISCRAM 2021! Because the conference this year will take place virtually, we are asking that all paper presentations be recorded in advance. With this in mind, please upload your presentation as an MP4 file by Wednesday, May 12, 2021 - instructions are given below.

The pre-recorded presentations will be added to the conference platform by the conference organizers and will be played in the session within which they are scheduled. Time will then be allocated in the session so that each paper can be discussed live with the session attendees.

Please adhere to the following guidelines when recording your presentation. Note: shorter presentations are encouraged and will provide more time for Q&A during each session.

  • CoRe paper presentations are limited to <15 minutes in length.
  • WiP and Practitioner paper presentations are limited to <10 minutes in length

Please note that in order to ensure that there is enough time for discussion, submissions which are too long may be truncated to fit their allowed time interval - presenters are thus strongly encouraged to take care of this themselves, in advance, so that the final video contains all the content they wish to contribute (!)

Thank you very much for following these guidelines. By doing so all presenters will have enough time to have their videos played in the session and answer any questions that session attendees may have.

Click here for suggestions about recording your presentation

There are two options for submitting the recorded presentation:

If you have access to a Gmail account (it does not necessarily need to be the Gmail account of the corresponding author), please upload your recorded presentations directly to the conference server:

Upload the final recording

If you do not have access to a Gmail account, please upload the recording to your own cloud storage provider and then be prepared to provide a link to that file - please be sure to give iscram2021@gmail.com permission to access and download the file:

Provide a link to the final recording


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