ISCRAM 2019 opening ceremony The ISCRAM Association is an international community of researchers and practitioners who are focused on information systems for crisis and disaster management. ISCRAM's annual conference includes research presentations on such topics as social media in crisis situations, decision support systems, planning and risk analysis, intelligent systems, and geographic information systems (GIS), among others. The conference also includes keynote presentations by experts in the field, along with a series of interactive workshops and technology demonstration sessions, and a doctoral student consortium. The ISCRAM Association is particularly interested in the participation of students and other attendees from developing countries.

The annual ISCRAM conference has traditionally alternated its location between Europe and the Americas, with previous conferences being held in Belgium (Brussels: 2004 & 2005), New Jersey (Newark: 2006), the Netherlands (Delft: 2007), Washington DC (2008), Sweden (Gothenburg: 2009), Washington (Seattle: 2010), Portugal (Lisbon: 2011), Canada (Vancouver: 2012), Germany (Baden-Baden: 2013), Pennsylvania (State College: 2014), Norway (Kristiansand: 2015), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro: 2016), France (Albi: 2017), New York (Rochester: 2018), and Spain (Valencia: 2019).

ISCRAM also supports several regional conferences such as ISCRAM-med, which was held most recently in Greece in October 2017, and ISCRAM Asia Pacific, which was held in New Zealand in November 2018.


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