ISCRAM Doctoral Symposium


Following the ISCRAM tradition, the Doctoral Symposium was scheduled to take place prior to the main conference on Sunday May 24th, 2020. The annual symposium is dedicated to doctoral students seeking careers as researchers in public, private and academic organizations with research interests in crisis management. There will be a similar Doctoral Symposium included as part of next year's conference, ISCRAM 2021 - please plan on applying in the fall if you are interested!

The goals of the planned ISCRAM 2020 Doctoral Symposium were three-fold:

  • To develop and sustain a network of young scholars conducting high quality research in the area of Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management.
  • To support the next generation of crisis management researchers by addressing issues relevant to the progression of a research career, as communication skills (both verbal and written).
  • To allow participants to discuss their research with leading specialists, scholars and peers in an international setting.

The symposium was intended to provide an opportunity for students to receive feedback on their research from faculty mentors and peers and improve the visual and verbal communication of their scholarly work by designing and presenting a research poster.

The morning session was planned to begin with student “elevator pitch” introductions, followed by small group discussions with peers and a faculty mentor that would give each student the opportunity to discuss and receive feedback on a two-page summary of their dissertation research.

In the afternoon there would be sessions on visual and verbal communication to improve the presentation of a digital research poster each student would present at the conclusion of the doctoral symposium. Students would discuss and receive feedback on their posters on topics such as the creation of strong titles/headings, organization of the work, selection of arresting and relevant imagery, and effective summarization of written text. Students would also practice orally presenting their work to highlight key points and explain details of their research rapidly and efficiently (“My ISCRAM Thesis in 180 seconds”). At the end of the afternoon session, students would put the skills they have learned into practice, giving short presentations of their research and re-designed digital posters. They would receive feedback both on the content of their work and on their presentation skills.

Students' recruitment

Up to ten students are typically accepted for the symposium each year. Numbers are kept purposely small in order to offer high quality interaction and discussion.


The aim of the symposium is to assist candidates with their PhD research. All participants must submit a research Poster in order to be considered for the symposium.


Participation in the ISCRAM Doctoral Symposium is free, and lunch and refreshments are included. However, participants in the Doctoral Symposium must register for the main conference (a student rate is available).

How to apply

Information about applying for the next Doctoral Symposium at ISCRAM 2021 will be available later this year.

Chairs of the 2020 Doctoral Symposium

The symposium will be chaired by Dr. Anne-Marie Barthe-Delanoë and Dr. Rob Grace.

Anne-Marie Barthe-Delanoë

ENSIACET, INP Toulouse – Toulouse, France

Rob Grace

Texas Tech University – Lubbock, Texas, USA

Virginia Tech Contact:

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