Reducing the impacts of disasters

Changing the way we think and talk about disaster resilience

We invite graduate students from relevant disciplines - geosciences, engineering, business, urban affairs and planning, and more - to join us and help lead the change. Click the links below to learn more about Virginia Tech's program in Disaster Resilience and Risk Management (DRRMVT).

DRRMVT Spotlight course (offered each Fall):

GRAD 5034: Principles of Disaster Risk Management

This interdisciplinary seminar course introduces the concepts of disaster resilience and risk management. Students will:

  • Learn about interdisciplinary approaches to disaster risk management, including the various theoretical underpinnings, and will draw from guest speaker lectures and case histories.

  • Gain an improved understanding of the dynamic interplay between the key social and cultural impacts that social science students recognize and the basic risk analysis skills that those in the hard sciences understand

Other electives being offered in Fall 2021:

  • BIT 5474: Computer-based Decision Support Systems

  • CEE 5204: GIS Applications
  • CEE 5470: Structural Design for Seismic Load Effects
  • CEE 5584: Geotechnical Aspects of Earthquake Eng.

  • GEOS 5714G: Adv. Volcanic Processes

  • UAP 5084: Collaborative Planning and Community Involvement
  • UAP 5134G: Adv. Land Use and Environ.: Planning and Policy